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Individual Therapy


Individual therapy in the short-term it is often about alleviating symptoms (such as depression and anxiety) and feeling your feet under you again. In the long-term, therapy is about learning to work with yourself emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually so you’re able to connect easily to a sense of happiness and self-acceptance, and navigate your world in increasingly authentic ways.


Chances are, if you’re thinking about psychotherapy, one of several things is happening:


• Depression and/or anxiety have become a routine part of your experience and you’re

  ready to deal with it.


• You're struggling with addictive behaviors or obsessive thoughts. 


• You are having problems in your current relationship or have a history of relationship trouble. You’d like to explore how to create meaningful and sustainable relationships, without repeating old dysfunctional patterns.

• Things are pretty good. You have a natural curiosity about yourself and your relationship to the world and are looking for ways to explore deeper spiritual questions.

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