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Couples Counseling


We often tell our clients that relationship is the most difficult practice, after all, you not only have your own feelings to manage, but your partner's as well! It can often be challenging to know where your issues end and your partner's begin. This confusion can be frustrating and can lead to seemingly endless arguing and finger-pointing.

In our work with couples there is often initially a strong educational component in which we coach and model how to express feelings without blaming, how to receive feedback as helpful information, and how to listen to and empathize with each other. In doing so, we help couples move beyond pride and defensiveness, to mutual love, trust, and appreciation. In addition, we utilize tantric or relational principles to help couples realize the balance of the masculine and feminine within themselves and in their relationships.

Though you may be feeling frustrated and, at times, hopeless about your relationship, significant change is possible!

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