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'Circle of Being' ~ Transpersonal Somatic Group

This group modality is meant to take 'healing' and therapy to the next level, by becoming a 'evolutionary tool', meant to help one free oneself from layers of limiting conditioning (beliefs and feeling systems trapped in our body/mind). The inner journey from a 'domesticated' contracted existence to discovering one's true identity and living from that, integrated and embodied, in all aspects of one's life. This experiential group uses a hybrid of various therapeutical modalities (Hakomi, Somatic Psychology, Jungian 'Shadow' work), as well as spiritually focused traditions/teachings such as Advaita/Non-Duality, Buddhism and 4th Way. We investigate our conditioning -limiting beliefs and feelings in the body/mind through the exploration and healing of childhood wounds and unconscious generational patterns. The ultimate goal of this group is to support its participants in discovering real happiness and to live an embodied life, established in Peace and Freedom.

Somatic Shadow Work Mixed Group

This group is meant to provide a safe and compassionate group container to help its participants look inside and explore any 'shadows' ~ limiting beliefs and undermining strategies that keep us stuck in our life, repeating unsuccessful, misery-creating patters both in personal life, relationships and interactions with the world and career. Through a wide variety of practical and experiential methods, these blocks will be gradually explored and dissolved through bringing more awareness to our patterns, developing ability to be deeply aware of our inner workings and processing unresolved early issues 'clouding' our freedom, authenticity and fulfillment.

Healing Relationship Through Tantric Wisdom

True tantra is the exploration of life's most basic duality--masculine and feminine--which we contain within us and express in all our relations. In this experiential group we will explore our lives from a tantric perspective in order to realize increasing harmony in our relationships and within ourselves.

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