Most people in the world today are spinning a mile a minute, whether outwardly in the busyness of life, work, family, social—or inwardly with the monkey mind; sometimes even collapsing into exhausted depression.  This is one of challenges of our modern world.  The spinning is further exacerbated by caffeine, alcohol, sugar, electronic stimulation, processed foods, pollutants, the list rolls on.  These stressors deplete the body & mind on every level.  Just like the things on the “to-do” list are competing for time & energy, our inner bio-chemistry is competing for protein, water, and other important aspects of daily nutrition.  And guess who gets fed first--yep, the stress hormones and biggest emergencies.  This leaves our brain starved for the Neuro-Nutrients it needs to help us to move through life in a relax and balanced way.  


In response to this epidemic challenge, we offer an individualized program of Holistic Mood Care.  Mood Care is a unique blend of Ayurvedic Medicine and Neuro-Nutrient Science.   Mood imbalance is a symptom of an underlying issue that is begging to be addressed.  In this method, we will use natural nutrients that affect mood (such as amino acids and herbs) to manage immediate symptoms.  We will then use diet, lifestyle, personal growth, and the development of healthy self-care to create balance over time.  In this path, no stone goes unturned; we look at the overall picture and get to the root of imbalance.  This is a powerful process that can be life changing by directing the bio-chemistry of your brain (and gut) in a new direction. 

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Haven Bundy, CAS, PKS