Spencer Campbell, MFT - Director

I offer healing and transformational forms of therapy. Healing therapy aims at symptom management and neurological and emotional reprogramming.  I use trauma-focused treatments, such as EMDR, Gestalt, and Somatic Processing to help my clients process acute and complex traumatic experiences in order to minimize and integrate difficult emotions and create space for deeper transformative work. Transformational therapy involves identifying and establishing a relationship with Awareness, which includes and transcends the ego system.  By helping clients cultivate a bodily-emotional relationship with presence I help them move through limiting feelings and beliefs and become established in a growing, naturally available freedom of being. 


Relationship counseling: I work with couples to heal the core issues which relationship invariably triggers, and to establish a harmonious relationship to Awareness and to the masculine and feminine aspects of being, both internally and externally. 

I have practiced intensively in a number of meditative and spiritual traditions, such as Vipassana, Zen, Christian mysticism, and the non-dual and tantric traditions of India, and my psychotherapy practice embodies a longstanding commitment to spirituality and growth.

I earned a BA from Cornell University, and a Master's degree in Integral Counseling Psychology (2004) from the California Institute of Integral Studies.

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Mihai Algiu, AMFT - Associate MFT

I view psychotherapy as a useful tool and support towards our innate pursuit of happiness, contentment and harmony. Whether recovering from years of addiction, healing from the aftermath of past wounds, navigating difficult relationship dynamics, dealing with trauma, loss, transition, uncovering old programmed limiting beliefs....our innate authentic self/spirit strives towards wholeness and being in harmony with all things. Beyond the healing of the past, there is yet another effective application of somatic psychotherapy, whereby working with a therapist can serve as an aid in an evolutionary journey of the spirit towards discovering causeless happiness, freedom and harmony.

My approach is experiential, effective and practical -influenced by Hakomi ~Mindfulness based Somatic Psychotherapy, Shadow Work, Gestalt, Psychodrama, Attachment Theory, CBT, as well as a variety of Eastern spiritual teachings (Advaita, 4th Way). I have extensive experience working with men, women and youth in crisis, as well as incarcerated men. I have a client-centered approach guiding the client back to their own innate inner wisdom, strengths and authentic self. I consider mindfulness and self-inquiry as an important ingredient in the process of healing, freedom from unnecessary suffering, and being happy celebrating life.

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Vesna L. Westbrook, AMFT - Associate MFT 

There are many reasons to begin therapy. At times, we arrive here because life challenges us to heal and to grow. At other times, we challenge ourselves to a deeper understanding of who we are and where we belong. 

Psychotherapy is an inquiry into how to live, and how to be with difficulty. My approach is depth-oriented, transpersonal, relational, and existential-humanistic. My focus lies on the integration of complex trauma, which can manifest in various ways. 

I hold a Master's degree in Integral Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies. I also earned a Dual Master's in Philosophy and Religious Studies, and an additional three-year Certificate in Creative Writing from the University of Tübingen in Germany. I am certified as a Philosophical Counselor through the American Philosophical Practitioners Association. My lifelong spiritual practice has been essential in my understanding of healing and wellbeing. 

I have experience working with adults as well as with adolescents. My own international background enables me to understand and work within different cultural contexts. I offer sessions in English and in German. 


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Amy N. Chambers, AMFT – Associate MFT
I believe that therapy creates the space of unconditional acceptance for all the feelings and emotions that arise which enables the rediscovery of one’s sense of inherent peace, joy, inner strength, and self-love. It provides a unique opportunity where one can safely explore and lovingly restore aspects of self that have previously been abandoned, traumatized, or ignored.

For me, therapy encompasses the person’s entire well-being incorporating mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Some of the modalities that add meaning to my work include mindfulness training, somatic awareness, and role play/art therapy techniques. I am deeply committed to providing an empathetic, caring, and compassionate container for clients to safely explore their emotional experience. 


I bring many life skills to counseling which support my therapeutic practice. Prior to becoming a therapist, I worked in the classroom as a teacher and in the medical field. I understand many of the challenges that arise with major life transitions and my own personal journey using therapy to support me through the difficult times showed me how therapy can help one find happiness and a sense of self. I have experience working with children and families as well as individuals. I have previously served both as a crisis counselor and as a Stephen’s Minister. I have engaged in meditation and mindfulness practices for the past 25 years and I hold a master’s degree in counseling psychology from Simpson University.

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Matthew Zavala, MFT

I have experience working with individuals, families, and adolescents in varying mental health settings.  I utilize a person’s inherent strengths and personal insights to help them navigate their understanding of themselves and their relationship to self. I believe that through the challenges of self-examination true and lasting peace can be found. By assisting clients in accessing conscious presence, hardships and the accompanying emotions these experiences evoke can be used as a gateway into greater emotional and personal growth. My work with clients seeks to empower them through finding congruence in their lives, a greater sense of self-love, and deeper meaning in their present experiences.  

I have earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from CSU Long Beach and a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant. I am currently a registered Marriage and Family Therapy Intern and have extensive experience working with individuals and adolescents.  

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Robin Van Cleave, LPCC 

I approach therapy with the basic belief that we are born with a great deal of wisdom for navigating life, but this gets muddled and obstructed as we live our lives. My job as your therapist is to help you gain clarity and cultivate a life realistically centered on your deepest values by training yourself to listen to your own wisdom. What I bring to this work is over 10 years of experience in mental health, working with people experiencing trouble with anxiety, depression, grief, anger management, substance use, relationship problems, spiritual crises, psychosis and more. My approach is eclectic, influenced by scientifically evidence-based practices and my own 14+ years as a meditator, and includes mindfulness strategies, CBT, ACT, bodily awareness, and more depending on the needs of my client. Whether you are looking for brief support getting through a difficult time, healing from a lifetime of trauma, or help reviving your spiritual development, I will work to help you find the right practices, thinking patterns and personal changes to help clear your path forward. 

I have 5+ years’ ongoing formal training in Vipassana meditation out of Mountain Stream meditation center here in Nevada City, and a summa cum laude BS in Psychology and MS in Clinical Counseling Psychology from Illinois State University.



Susan Schreier Williams, MA

With joy, humor, compassion and grace, I will guide you to release tensions, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. As you unwind, tension and anxiety dissolve and give way to free flowing energy and an overall sense of happiness and well-being. Learn to breathe more fully and freely and discover ease, comfort and balance in your body, mind and spirit. As you deeply relax on all levels, a simple, intimate, conscious relationship of trust in your body/mind continues to be revealed.

Natural healing of body, mind, and spirit are sourced from this conscious relationship with the breath. Using the Alexander Technique, and incorporating deep tissue work with more subtle, yet powerful, energy work, I help you relax into a deep stillness. Create a positive, effective relationship with your own natural healing.


Haven Bundy, CAS, PKS 

My life is dedicated to the journey home--to freedom, truth and balance: in myself and in my work with others.  I combine Ayurvedic Medicine, Neuro-Nutrient Science and Therapeutic Bodywork to guide you back to balance in your body and mind.  I have been working in holistic medicine since 1999, and have been blessed with many incredible teachers in many modalities.  I offer individualized programs, including a “Holistic Mood Care” avenue for clients who are looking for a holistic alternative to psychiatric medication.  This is an environment for individuals to create healing and empowerment in any area of their lives and a foundation of health that lasts a lifetime.